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About Us

Specializing in custom design and tee shirt printing, Amboise Design & Print provides customization for all of your events on a variety of apparel, accessories and gift items.  Soft cotton tee shirts in a variety of colors and fits satisfies every fashion look from photo shoots to family gatherings.  You can come with your completed designs or your ideas and our design team will put your designs onto a virtual canvas. Founded by us,  and inspired by a combination of high fashion and new street trends, AMBROISE DESIGN & PRINT has a large selection of retail items at a fair price. Customers come to us for our impressive selection of Tees, Onesies, Tanks, Hoodies, Aprons, Mugs, Tumblers, and more.

As we grow in the industry we provide additional services and opportunities for new clothing brands to start their lines with low MOQ.  We have also started a YouTube channel where we will provide tutorials on how to use the equipment we use in our business. Follow us and our journey at any of our social media platforms. 



Specializing in Custom Tee Shirts  Polos  Sweatpants   Sweatshirts  Hoodies  Socks  Decals   Water Bottles   Mugs   Mouse Pads  Aprons   Towels   Lounge wear 

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